All types of appliance & refrigerator repairs

At Refix, we are driven by customer satisfaction. One way we deliver that is through expert refrigerator repair! We service all types of refrigerators, including top freezer, bottom freezer, French door, ice maker, salad bars, compact, and more. We can also replace or repair any part on your refrigerator.


Our repair experts

Jessica Brown


Kevin Smith


Christine Grey


Mike Hardson



How to keep hygiene in our fridge and freezers

In order to maintain the good hygiene of our foods, favorite drinks and products, it is advisable to clean the fridge once a month. This way, we will avoid creating a mess of foods that show off bad odors and harmful bacteria that are inside your fridge or freezer.

Remove unpleasant smells

Remove all types of bacteria

Deep disinfection

Sterilizing and preserving your food for eco-life

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What our clients say

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Richard Hanson

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Lucia Morales

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